IOS development and design

Angel García Rubio


Tally counter AGR Tally counter

This application converts your iPhone in a simple, practical and very easy handling hand accountant. Useful to help you with any kind of counting: people attending to an event, card counting, sports counting, facility capacity, pages of the book reading.

It allows to do any kind of accounting, easily creating new accounts and having the possibility of changing from one account to another just selecting it.

Each account may have up to six accountants. Each accountant has its own title, its own color and even it own sound to avoid errors. It is possible to personalize the accountants with name, subject and values.

When the app is closed the actually values of the accountants are saved, thus it can be retaked where it has been left.




Each account is composed by a series of individual accountants from 1 to 6. Are shown as many bottoms as accountants it has been created, each of them in a different color and with a different associated sound. When touching on a bottom the corresponding accountant increases the number.

Sound may activated or inactivated touching on the speaker.

To access the menu slid the finger from right to left on the bottom bar (orange color).

When staring the application it initiates with the accountant in use when the application was closed. If it is the first time a default accountant is created.



Al acceder al menú se muestra una lista con todas las cuentas activas.

The account that is active is shown marked.

From this screen some things may be done:

  • Selecting an account: to do this just touch on the desired account.
  • Create a new account: touching the + key located at the top part of the screen.
  • Edit an account: touching on the info key of the account being edited.
  • Eliminate an account: slide the finger from left to right on the account to be eliminated.



Create a new account

In the list of accounts, touch the + key in the menu.


Here you add the name of the new account and the numbers of accountants that will have.

Touching the OK key a new account is created and added to the list of accounts.

Touching the Counters key a list of the accountants is displayed and touching on any of them the text and values associated to the accountant may be edited.


Edit and Account

In the list of accounts, when touching the key “i” (information) on an account, or from the creation of a new account when touching the key “accountants”, you may edit the accountant.

Here you may:

  • Reset all the accountant to zero: touching te key “Reset” in the top right corner.
  • Change the texts and values associated to an accountant: touching on the accountant to be edited.

The name of an account and the number of accountant cannot  be changed.




Eliminate and account

To eliminate an account, in the list of account slide the finger to the left and confirm.

The active account cannot be eliminated. If you desire to do so, before you must select another account like active.