IOS development and design

Angel García Rubio


icono de la aplicación TV Vision Test


Distance vision test battery to assess distance vision and binocular balance.

The tests are adjustable to the screen size and can be calibrated upon the distance the tests are presented to the patient.

The easy handle remote makes very quick and easy to change from one test to another.

Tests are design to asses all ages patients.

Contains next tests:

·       Visual Acuity: Wide selection of optotypes to asses all ages patients. All test have different letters combinations and offer the possibility to present a 5 letters line or a single letter.

o   2 Letter tests

o   Number test

o   LEA test

o   Children drawing test

o   2 Emoticon tests


·       Contarst sensitivity test: Avaiable for all the test of visual acuity. Contrast may be changed from 0% to 100% black over white while changing visual acuity fron 0.05 to 1.5.

·       Duocrom red-green test: Avaiable for all the test of visual acuity

·       Continuos text test: Uses a full text of decreasing size lines for a more real assessment of visual acuity.

·       Worth 4 light test

·       Estereotest: Works with normal polarized lenses. Has 9 different 3D figures.

·       Aniseikonia test: Allows to asses the aniseikonia the anisometropic patient reports, changing the size of the optotype for either eye, as well as the separation between them.

·       Supression test: Allows the detection of suppression in distance vision using red and green glasses and lines of letters.


Combine this distance vision battery test with the iPad App “Vision Tset” that includes a wide battery of near vision tests.