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CSV Easy Editor

CSV Easy editor allows you to create or update CSV (comma separated values) files which could have unlimited lines and 625 columns and any encoded character set.

Get files

You could copy files through iTunes into into the application documents directory or alternatively send csv file attached with e-mail. 
When you open attached file it will copy itself into this application. After that you could edit/view those file easily from this application on iPhone or iPad. 
When you finish your update you could send files to someone by e-mail or export file to other App.

Select a file

You can select the file from a list of files or list of miniatures. Sort by name or updated date. Filter by name.
When you select a file the application displays a screen requesting the separator character and the encoding set.

Type of files

This app can handle CSV files (with csv extension)  that uses a large set of separator character, not only comma. Can read and write files using any encoding: ASCII, Unicode, UTF-8, ..etc.
Tapping on separator char and/or encoding type button you can set this parameters

Tapping continue start the edition.

Export files

This app can send files as email attachement, or can export files to other apps which can handle CSV files (excel, dropbox, etc).

Edit files

Edit or create a file is easy. 
You can edit CSV file as spreadsheet or as text. And change the edit style tapping a button. 


Text editor

Using text style you can edit directly source text. With the spreadsheet style the text are placing in cells.

Spreadsheet editor

Data is displayed on a grid. You can move to left/right the grid using button direction   
You scroll down the page by dragging a finger down the screen. To jump to the first row 
tap bar at the top of screen.

Edit a cell

You could edit cells with a double tapping on it. 

File menu

This menu apear tapping at the menu button 

  • Delete File - Ask for confirmation, and delete current file.
  • Save changes - Save file to App document directory
  • Send by email - Create a mail and attach the file
  • Export - Open a window that allows to select an App to export to


Column menu

This menu appears tapping at the column header button 

  • expand width
  • reduce width
  • delete column
  • duplicate column
  • insert column
  • move left
  • move right


Row menu

This menu appears tapping at the row number button 

  • delete row
  • duplicate row
  • insert row
  • move up
  • move down