IOS development and design

Angel García Rubio




We have developed a bunch of solutions to help vision examiners assessing visual abilities in an easy, comfortable and reliable way using Apple devices.


Near Vision Tests

For near vision testing (40 cm) we have developed an app: Vision test Pro  that runs in all iPad models and contains a full battery of near vision test very easy to manage.  

Among these test there is: Reading Test for adults and children, contrast sensitivity, Lea, Snellen E, Landot C, Ishihara color vision test, etc. It also includes an Amsler Grid test in which the patient may draw with the finger on the tablet screen the area affected and it comes up in a PDF that may be either sent by email or printed.

Tests may be calibrated to adjust them to the practitioner’s own criteria.


You may also personalize the appearance of the app and the texts of the reading tests to fit your business appearance. 

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The app may be downloaded from the App Store


Distance Vision Tests

To test distance vision we have developed a solution based on Apple TV. With the app TV Vision Test this device turns a monitor or a HDMI screen in a specialized vision screening device with a complete battery of distance monocular and binocular vision tests.

Thus with a HD screen, an apple TV and the app we have developed you will have an efficient, reliable, cheap and easy tool to assess distance vision.

Thanks to the Apple Tv remote control handling the app is very easy and intuitive.

The app contains a wide battery of tests. 

It may be use in any monitor or HD screen.

The tests may be calibrated to fit any screen size and to be used in any room distance.


The app may be downloaded from the App Store