IOS development and design

Angel García Rubio


bikini op Operation Bikini

If you are on a diet, this application allows you to make a follow up on your weight loss evolution.

It will help you to daily record: fat percentage (if you have a bioimpedance scale), diet follow up, fitness and any comment you want to record.

You will be able to consul all the measurements saved in your data base and send them by email.

You can keep track of your progress on a graph that slides with the finger to the date you desire allowing you to add tags to mark on any date of your interest. You will also see the tendency lines on the graph.

See the statistics from the last week, last month, last three months, …

All in a simple and easy way.



This application requires IOS 1.7 and it is designed for iPhone and iPad.


Spanish and English



In the bottom there is a navegation bar that Will take you to the next options:

  • Add – To add new measurements.
  • Measurements – To consult the measurements historic.
  • Graph – Graph representation of measurements.
  • Stats – To consult average values.
  • Bookmarks– To consult and add the markers.



Here you may add the data corresponding to the actual date or (bioimpedance scale is needed), if you reached the goal of your diet and fitness and any comment. The comments will allow you to keep a diary with the notes you want.

When you access in this option the date is automatically set to the actual day. The data from the last measurement saved are shown.

Measurements always include weight and date. As an option it may be added the fat percentage, diet and fitness compliance and a note.

pantalla de añadir medida

 Date modification: 

Date can be modified by touching on it

No date posterior to today nor over a year ago may be selected. Once a date is selected you may go back to the previous screen touching on the grey part of the screen.

Changing the selector:

Under the weight selector there is selection of keys that allows you to choose the info you want to include in the measurement:

  • Weight
  • Fat
  • Diet
  • Notes

Touching one of the buttons the window is moved to show that corresponds to that button. In addition, a check mark appears on the button, indicating that this information be included in the measure.

The check mark can be removed again touching the button, except the weight, which is always included in the measure.

To save data touch the key Store Measurements button. This way the measurements are recorded and it jumps to the measurements screen.



Here you may consult the measurements recorded sorted by descending date.

 pantalla de lista de medidas
  • Tapping a measure shows the detail
On this screen you can change the annotation.
  • Data may be emailed touching on the yellow envelope.

  • A measurement may be removed sliding the finger from right to left on top of it and confirming.



In this option the data is showed on a graph that may be moved sliding the finger on the screen from the oldest measurement to the current one. When moving on the graph the values of the measurements will be showed for the corresponding date.

The measurements are showed as a graph of dots connected by lines. over two colored band representing the range of normal blood pressure. This range may be changes in settings / Blood pressure in the iPhone / iPad.

In the graph the bookmark we have add, as vertical lines with its corresponding notes, is also shown.

Among the bookmarks a trend line shows calculated using a linear regression algorithm.

Entre las marcas se muestra una línea de tendencia calculada mediante un algoritmo de regresión lineal. Trend lines can be removed and put tendence touching the ON / OFF button tendence

Tapping i button shown a screen with details of the measure.



In this option the average values of blood pressure, systolic, diastolic and pulse may be consulted.

The average values are calculated for the following groups of measurements:

  • Measurements recorded in the past 7 days
  • Measurements recorded in the past 15 days
  • Measurements recorded in the past 30 days
  • Measurements recorded in the past 60 days
  • Measurements recorded in the past 90 days
  • Measurements recorded in the past 180 days
  • Measurements recorded in the past 365 days
  • All measurements
Selecting a period you can see statistical data.


Markers allow to sign on the graph on a chosen day and add a note. This is useful to mark the beginning of a new diet, or the start of new daily habits.

A list of all the bookmarks we have created is shown.

A Bookmark may be removed sliding the finger from right to left on top of it and confirming.

The graph indicates that day with a vertical line and the corresponding text.

New markers may be added touching the key in the superior right corner


Security copy

The app saves all the information in files. These files may be saved in the computer disk (if a security copy is made), they maybe be erased (if you want to delete all the information) o they may be rewritten (if you want to restore a previous copy).

All these can be made thought iTunes.

To proceed the iPhne/iPad must be connected to the computer, open iTunes, access the apps tab and serach for “Operation Bikini” (it is in the screen “share files”). When selecting the app Tension Arterial, to the right, will see the screen “Documentos de Operation Bikine /Operation Bikini files” and there are the data files. 

Files may be copy form device to PC or from PC to device.